Formalisation of contracts with electronic signature

Fast, safe and with no travel.

Secure electronic signature for your contracts

Employment contracts

Thanks to METAPOSTA Delivery your employees will be able to sign their contracts from their computer, smartphone or tablet, avoiding having to go to your offices and saving paper and time.

Commercial contracts

By digitally signing your commercial contracts you will speed up this process as far as possible at the same time as guaranteeing the legality and safekeeping of the document.

A flexible, convenient and safe process

  • 1. Send the contract from the application

    Upload your contract to the application and select the type of signature with which you wish to have the receiver validate this.
  • 2. The receiver will receive the contract and sign this

    The receiver will be able to access the contract from their smartphone or computer by means of the Metabox mailbox that the organisation will have previously created for them (only needing an I.D. or tax code number). To guarantee security, the signatory will receive a temporarily valid code by means of an SMS.
  • 3. Reception of the signed contract and safekeeping

    After signing this, each of the signing parties will receive the signed contract for their digital electronic safekeeping.

What types of signatures are offered by METAPOSTA Delivery?

Mobile signature by means of OTP

One of the most secure, simple and effective ways of signing is what is known as “strong” or “two-factor” authentication. This is based on using dynamic and temporary codes which are valid for a short time and for a single use.

Legal validity: advanced electronic signature.

Handwritten biometric signature

In Metafirma's case, the biometric electronic signature refers to the handwritten signature made on a graphic tablet. The operation picked up generates and stores sufficient data to guarantee the basic principles of an advanced electronic signature, which cannot furthermore be used later on.

Legal validity: advanced electronic signature

Qualified legal signature

A qualified legal signature is an advanced electronic signature made by means of a qualified device for creating electronic signatures and based on a qualified electronic signature certificate. This is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Legal validity: legal equivalent of a handwritten signature​

Basic signature

The basic electronic signature is an option for internal processes or communications requiring an interaction (approval) by the receiver. The process would be the same as in the previous cases, but in this case we would only have to select the box.

Legal validity: strong.

Main advantages to using METAPOSTA Delivery

  • Payment per item sent

    Payment per item sent. No investment or maintenance cost.
  • Greater convenience for the sender and receiver

    You benefit from the digitalisation of this process and the receiver avoids having to travel.
  • Compliance with data protection legislation

    Compliance with currently effective legislation on protection of sensitive data.

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