PRO Mailbox

The PRO mailbox has a 5G storage capacity and means that documents can be shared with acknowledgement of being opened and that documents already kept in the mailbox to be signed and kept safely.

A solution with guarantees for legal custody of documents

  • 5GB mailbox capacity (*)
  • Capacity for uploading documents: up to 30Mb.
  • Possibility of applying legal custody to uploaded documents.
  • Possibility of signing documents that the owner of the PRO mailbox already has in their mailbox with legal custody.
  • All for 12 euros a year.

Main advantages to using METAPOSTA Delivery

  • Payment per item sent

    Payment per item sent. No investment or maintenance cost.
  • Greater convenience for the sender and receiver

    You benefit from the digitalisation of this process and the receiver avoids having to travel.
  • Compliance with data protection legislation

    Compliance with currently effective legislation on protection of sensitive data.

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