Sending signed academic certificates and with SVC

Diplomas and academic certificates in electronic format.

Why send signed academic certificates with SVC?

  • Legal validity

    Electronically signed academic certificates have the same legal validity as documents signed by hand and delivered on paper supports.

  • Easy validation

    When one of these documents is printed any person or organisation will be able to check that these are genuine by means of the SVC in this section (the url is printed along with the SVC so that this can be validated).

Great advantages for the education institution and for its students

For the education institution

The education institution will continue to generate the diplomas in the same way as now, but it will not need to print these out. When these diplomas are electronically signed they take on legal validity and also a secure verification code (SVC) is included to enable their validity to be checked if these are printed.

These diplomas and academic certificates will furthermore be delivered to a mailbox, which will enable the education institution to have a properly kept digital file and record of delivery to the student

For students

When a student receives the academic certificate in their mailbox, this will be kept in their inbox or in a folder that they have created. But this will also be visible in the section entitled "Public Documents", a section which enables the following measures to be taken: 

- Deciding at any time whether the document is public or private, which means whether or not the document can be accessed through the SVC

- The SVC can be accessed through a QR code or by printing the document, which will contain both the code and the website to verify this.

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