METAPOSTA offers a platform of trusted digital solutions, designed to streamline and simplify document management for our customers

based on the concept of smart digital postbox.

  • Secure delivery of documents in the human resources area.
  • Digitalisation of acceptance/consent processes.
  • Mobile signature and legal custody.
  • Simplification of two-way communications.

Would you like information about our servers?

The I.T. systems owned by METAPOSTA are located in the Data Processing Centre (CPD) of EJIE, the Basque Authority's I.T. Services company, and in that of the Basque Authority. In order to ensure the greatest reliability and availability possible, the two I.T. systems are joined by optical fibre networks. The CPD of the EJIE and the Basque Authority also guarantee that the data hosted by METAPOSTA is in a neutral location.

Who promotes METAPOSTA?

METAPOSTA is an organisation at which some of the benchmark private companies and public administrations in the Basque Country have stakes in its capital.

  • Fondo Ezten (Gestión Capital Riesgo del País Vasco, S.A.) with 30%
  • EJIE (Sociedad Pública de Informática del Gobierno Vasco), with 17.5%
  • Bilbao (Bizkaia) Chamber of Commerce, with 5.10%
  • Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce, with 9.90%
  • Álava Chamber of Commerce, with 5%
  • Tecnalia Research & Innovation, with 7.5%
  • Mondragón Inversiones, with 7.5%
  • Grupo Gureak (Gupost), with 7.5%

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